Tributes to Robert Indiana

One of the most recognized artists in American modern art since 1960, Robert Indiana played a pivotal role in developing assemblage art, hard-edge painting, and pop art.

A self-proclaimed “American painter of signs,” Indiana’s remarkable work explores essential themes such as the American experience and identity, the power of abstraction and language, and the illusion and disillusion of love. Through his work, Indiana established a lasting legacy that continues to be prevalent in the creations of many contemporary artists.

The admirable work of Indiana established an extraordinary legacy that made him an important figure for many contemporary artists. Eden Gallery artist, PLUM, is heavily inspired by the famed artist’s work and recasts Indiana’s world-famous “Love” and “Hope” compositions. PLUM echoes Indiana’s iconic work, adding his unique touch of vibrant feathers covering the surface of each letter.

Italian artist Angelo Accardi was also powerfully influenced by Indiana’s famous work, “LOVE.” As a result, the artist decided to replace the original writing with the word “FUCK” and create a series of one-of-a-kind sculptures. Accardi’s “FUCK” sculptures represent a liberating scream that drives away the negativity from contemporary society and frees our creative energy.  

While Indiana was encouraged to pursue his fascination with art from an early age, his artistic journey took flight in 1956 when he resided in Coenties Slip, once a major port on the southeast tip of Manhattan. Inspired by his surroundings, Indiana scavenged the area’s abandoned warehouses for materials, creating sculptural assemblages from relics of old wooden ships that had once flourished in Coenties Slip. It was not long until Indiana was recognized for his unique works of art and quickly gained a reputation as one of the most creative artists of his generation.  

Every ambitious artist strives to create a work of art that becomes a cultural milestone. Indiana succeeded at that in 1964 by turning an affectionate sentimentality into a famous political emblem in his best-known series, “Love.” The renowned stacked letter configuration was rendered in various forms and materials, such as brightly colored or black-and-white block letters, prints and paintings, giant metal sculptures, and even postage stamps. The symbol’s popularity highlights its notable resonance with sizable and diverse audiences, leading it to become an icon of modern art.

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