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The Gift of Art

The hidden magic of the holiday season is an indescribable feeling that transcends us all. This season's general atmosphere brings joy, leaving people flooded with excitement, imagining twinkling lights, elaborate decorations, and the first snow. Yet, the holiday season is also a chance to share our affection for the people in our lives with thoughtful gifts, showing appreciation for those we love and care for.

The gift of art guides the sender to carefully consider the recipient's individuality and personal interests. An eternal advantage, art is food for the soul, a gift that will evoke emotion at each glance. Eden Gallery has curated a collection of gifts to impress and delight your loved ones this holiday season. This compilation of artworks is filled with unique gems that stand alone as the perfect gift for any occasion.


When looking for a creative and beauty filled gift bound to build excitement, David Kracov's "Gift of Life" artwork is an excellent place to look. The colorful butterflies exploding from the artwork immediately enthuses the reciever, giving the illusion that they are flying away from the classically wrapped gift box.



Gift-giving is a love language that one can master through the gift of art. Collaborative artist duo Fratz and Gio, who go by F&G, create symbolic works of art that combine their shared interests in cartoons, graphic design, illustration, and consumer culture. F&G's sculpture, "Red Love," is a charming gift that sends the bold message of Love during the holiday seasons.


Through exploring elements of depth and dimension in his artworks, Angelo Accardi creates surreal works of art that grasp his viewers' attention at each glance. Accardi gives classics a new life while constantly searching for new sensations in his artwork. "Magritte on the Wall" is an intricate and enigmatic artwork within his "Misplaced" collection that includes humor, symbolism, and tributes to famed artists. His unique outlook on contemporary art makes this piece a one-of-a-kind gift filled with gratitude and care.


A glamorous visual experience adorned in thousands of Swarovski crystals, "Matryoshka Aurelie" by Metis Atash ensures a wide-eyed reaction from any recipient. This sculpture is infused with energy while including the perfect mix of traditional subjects combined with modern styles.

A unique gift can evoke robust emotional responses by exploiting and explaining our feelings. The artist can do just that through Calman Shemi's "Notes" collection. "Silver Notes," an original lacquer-coated acrylic on metal painting, includes lively musical notes that dance across the canvas. Each note consists of various beautiful colors that create an abundance of textures and shapes, creating a lyrical dialogue between the artwork and the audience.



Sometimes, elegance and simplicity make the perfect gift. "Pocket Love -Pink Marble" by PLUM is an Original Feather Composition that radiates the passionate emotion of Love through a beautiful heart covered with delicate feathers. "New Love" by Dorit Levinstein, an original hand-painted aluminum sculpture, also emanates the message of Love through a universe of forms, figures, and colors. Levinstein's "New Love" sculpture is painted in vivid colors, creating rhythmic patterns that mesmerize her audience.


This holiday season, allow your loved ones to indulge in Kunst met een R's delightful shadow boxes that depict whimsical yet intimate scenes inspired by commonplace affairs. "Chocolate Bar 129" is a 3D Shadow Box featuring a chocolate bar covered in a gold Cartier wrapper, introducing a comical take on familiar subjects.

Yoel Benharrouche's compositions, filled with strength, balance, and harmony, would be the perfect fit when looking to give a heartfelt gift. "La source," a Lacquer on Metal painting, establishes a sincere connection with its audience while exploring the duality between the material and the mystical world.

Eden Gallery's holiday collection is guaranteed to guide you in finding something special for someone special this upcoming holiday season. Explore more artworks for your loved ones on the Eden Gallery website or visit your nearest Eden Gallery today.

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