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Who is Ivan Mestrovic?

Born in 1979 in Osijek, Croatia, Ivan Mestrovic's father was an entrepreneur and his mother was a lawyer who practiced painting as an amateur. Mestrovic was named after his distant relative, the 20th-century sculptor Ivan Mestrovic. He followed in his relative's footsteps from the age of twelve and began practicing spin-art. Not only was Mestrovic a skilled artist during his adolescence, but he also pursued various other passions such as music and sports.

In the ’80s, Mestrovic fell in love with the sound of electric guitars. He copied the moves, notes, and tunes of his idols, Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, and Chris Rea, and would play their concerts on repeat on the family VCR. Mestrovic also began collecting Fender Stratocasters when he first fell in love with electric guitars. He still collects them and is working on putting together one of the most extensive collections of artists' signature editions. Along with electric guitars, Mestrivic directed himself towards athletics. He’s an athlete from birth and he turned into one of the high-jump champions of his generation. Later, his athletic career transformed into a sports business and management that greatly flourished. 

Mestrovic studied Law at the University of Zagreb and simultaneously began his entrepreneurial career at an early age. He co-founded a logistics start-up company which he sold to an international investment fund in 2008. After that milestone, the artist moved to Dubai to embark on his next journey.

Mestrovic expressed his creativity through his projects. He expressed his work and ideas on Design and Architecture through buildings such as ‘The White House Villa’ and the ‘Villa Borelli' resort complex. In 2008, he collaborated with Sasga Yachts on the design of the ‘BRMM BRMM’ and the ‘BORELLI.’ While he is proud of his past work, Mestrovic’s greatest architectural achievement will always be the ‘Pampas Football Stadium’ in Osijek. 

Ivan Mestrovic at Eden Gallery

Today, Mestrovic creates in Artlabs which are his art studios that are spread between Monaco, United Arab Emirates, Hungary, and Croatia. Within these Artlabs, the Croatian artist pushes the limits of physics through his inventive and conceptualized work.

Fascinated by natural forces and balances, his pieces challenge different technical forms of art and play with the most notable materials. Mestrovic explores the confines of what can be achieved and pushes through those boundaries using his artwork. Mestrovic embraced contemporary art through his fascination with architecture and his admiration of the work of Oscar Niemeyer and Isay Weinfeld. His passion has led him to find a medium between art and science, and when mixed, they give us the magic that sparks fascination.  

We are excited to welcome Mestrovic to the Eden Gallery family. Visit the Eden Gallery website to view Mestrovic’s latest artworks, or visit your nearest Eden Gallery location today.


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