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Yoel Benharrouche paints his dreams. His work is personal, multidimensional, and deeply spiritual — a window open to the world.
Inspired by the study of scripture, his paints images of Jerusalem, of music, of love and longing, each painting a meditation. Deeply influenced by masters like Chagall, Picasso, and Miro, his personal style combines these great artists legacy with his own distinct style, which comes through in each of his compositions with strength, balance, and harmony.

His newest collection, “Spirit and Colors” features stunning blues, specifically “tchelet” a biblical blue, once playing a prominent role in the garments of the High Priest of the Jewish people, it is also the color of the sky. Benharrouche’s diptych, “LA MUSIQUE QUI TE RESSEMBLE,” or “THE MUSIC THAT LOOKS,” uses the color. In this work Benharrouche joins together two sides of a tree, and several musicians in a progression that begins with a saxophonist on the left, and ends in a return to the Jerusalem skyline on the right.

His work takes many pieces and combines them to create something fluid and complete–encouraging the viewer to make connections in his art, but also, in their own lives.

Take a look at his collection here

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