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“I have always known that I was made to live like I am living and that I will be a sort of legend.” – Karl Lagerfeld

Love, Karl

February 19, 2019, marked the end of Karl Lagerfeld’s reign on fashion. The legendary fashion designer will always be remembered through his legacy, iconic image, and the world of art, which he has dramatically inspired.

Tribute to Karl Lagerfeld - Fred Allard

Best known as creative director of the French fashion label Chanel from 1983 until his death last year, Lagerfeld spearheaded the rebranding of the label targeting a younger and broader audience. Modernizing the brand Lagerfeld created runways shows notorious for their extravagance and whimsical feel, he collaborated on various artistic projects and built an image as the most prolific designer of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

In honor of his legacy, Eden Gallery has created a special collection commemorating the memory of Karl Lagerfeld. Explore sculptures and paintings inspired by the man himself and the brand that is synonymous with his image here

Tribute to Karl Lagerfeld - Alec Monoploly

Karl Lagerfeld

Alec Monopoly

Alec Monopoly applies his contemporary genius to canvas, sculpture, and urban walls, usually depicting luxury, familiar cartoons, and bags of money. In some of his latest works, however, Monopoly leaves his usual vivid palette in favor of Chanel’s distinct black and white iconography. 

Combined with representations of contemporary culture, favorite movies, and relatable characters, Alec Monopoly creates engaging imagery. The epitome of craftsmanship and creativity personifies both Alec Monopoly and Karl Lagerfeld, iconic artists in their respective fields. Monopoly takes clear inspiration from Lagerfeld himself as well as the symbol he represents. 

Tribute to Karl Lagerfeld - Alec Monopoly

Remembered for his signature personal aesthetic, Lagerfeld’s iconic image is as recognizable as the brand itself. In a like manner, Monopoly’s half-hidden face, top hat, and gold chains create a persona that resonates as one of the most prolific artists of our time. In honor of his legacy in the fashion industry, Monopoly pays homage to this icon through his art. Explore Alec Monopoly’s full collection.

Kunst Met Een R 

The Dutch duo Ruben Verheggen and Eva Post delight audiences with their light-hearted approach to the material world through their combined creativity. Together, the two form Kunst Met Een R (Art With an R), an original artistic conception engaging audiences through their animated stylized forms. 

Karl Lagerfeld

The creative chameleons comment on societal values of wealth and consumption through their mini sculptures floating in the center of a shadowbox. The famous and fashionable brand Chanel takes center stage in the artwork ‘Luxury Egg – Coco’ where a classy blonde bombshell pops out of a golden Chanel egg drinking champaign while donning her all-black Chanel outfit. Even without the logo, the iconic black bag with its golden chain and highly-recognizable diamond quilting is a timeless piece known as a signature of the brand. 

Eva takes close consideration for every single detail in her mini-sculptures. Down to the red nail polish, this character is emblematic of the Chanel woman. Understated and oozing elegance in her all-black attire, this character could step out of her golden egg and onto Lagerfeld’s runway. View more from Kunst Met Een R here.

Fred Allard

Tribute to Karl Lagerfeld - Fred Allard

As a creator of a fashion label in France for several years, Fred Allard was greatly influenced by the industry. He highlights haute couture throughout his artistic journey, often using Chanel’s iconic logo, purses, and perfume bottles in his works. 

Tribute to Karl Lagerfeld - Fred Allard

Allard combines the ordinary with luxury, immortalizing them in crystallized resin. He chooses items that are strongly recognizable worldwide. With his funky splashes of color, he creates cohesion between these otherwise contrasting items. His use of objects is a commentary on consumerist culture and status symbols.

In his lifetime Karl Lagerfeld has done much for the worlds of art and fashion and has become an icon himself. Allard pays homage to this symbol of style through his works. Creating an entire collection in honor of this prolific man, Allard speaks to the nature of brand influence, modern societal values, and avant-garde expressionism.

Explore the artists’ entire collection of compressed resin sculptures here.


Tribute to Karl Lagerfeld - Plum

The French artist Plum spent his entire life driven by the passion for creating. Using vivid colors and plumage, his compositions are stand-out on any wall they hang. There is a lightness to everything he creates and a warmth the emits from his color palettes. Using engaging imagery that touches on various relatable themes, Plum is able to engage the viewer in each of his works.

Inspiration from the famously fashionable brand, Chanel motivated an entire collection of original Plum artworks. The legendary Karl Lagerfeld is synonymous with every image of the brand. Reworking code as the whole of the Chanel brand, Lagerfeld is a fashion legend deserving of his title. For over a century, Chanel has inspired perfumes, fine art, and all corners of the world of fashion. Plum pays his respect to the aesthetic stimulations of colors and shapes, as seen through his use of the Chanel logo and, of course, the iconic perfume ‘Chanel No. 5.’ With multiple variations on the classic and elegant shape of the perfume bottle, Plum creates engaging and eye-catching art that undeniably elevates any room it occupies. Explore Plum’s entire collection exclusively at Eden Gallery here.

Tribute to Karl Lagerfeld - Plum

Karl Lagerfeld Art

The legendary fashion designers’ influence has crossed every aspect of the fashion industry and still remains strong a full year after his death. The creative chameleon motivated millions of fashionistas and artists from around the world to create. In honor of his legacy, Eden’s artists have created unique works featuring the iconic Chanel imagery and even the face of the never-to-be-forgotten Karl Lagerfeld. View the collections here.

Top Ten Graffiti Styles - Eden Gallery - Alec Monopoly

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