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International Tiger Day

July 29th is International Tiger Day. This occasion provides us with a universal day of commemoration to celebrate, support, and reflect on the importance of wild tigers. 

International Tiger Day was first celebrated in 2010 after it was found that 97% of all wild tigers had disappeared in the last century. An international summit in Saint Petersburg was put into action to encourage the efforts of tiger conservation. At the summit, governments of tiger-populated countries vowed to double their tiger population by 2020.

Along with the preservation of these species, the day also aspires to protect and expand tiger habitats while also raising awareness and support for tiger conservation issues. Many international organizations such as the WWF, the IFAW, and the Smithsonian Institute also observe International Tiger Day. 

Importance of Tigers

Tigers are one of nature's most beautiful and powerful creations. Yet, these majestic animals are much more than a thing of beauty. These fascinating cats play an important role in maintaining the harmony of the planet's ecosystems while also being an integral cultural pillar for groups all around the world. 

Tigers represent a fundamental species necessary for their ecosystem to survive, serving as apex predators and controlling natural prey populations by being the largest carnivore in their ecosystem. In short, tigers help lower the population of certain animals which feed on the natural vegetation of forests. When the population of herbivores is decreased, natural vegetation and other vital trees and plants stay protected. This, in turn, helps to keep the forests alive. As long as this balance is protected, and the earth remains preserved.


International Tiger Day at Eden Gallery

SN, one of Eden Gallery’s most powerful mixed media artists, captures the beautiful essence of tigers within his artworks. His tiger-focused artworks include dynamic black-and-white photographs of the majestic animal that are brought to life through 3D butterflies.

The mixed media artist began his lifelong appreciation for the wonders of the world when he was just 12 years old. Through his camera lens and his exceptional eye for photography, SN was able to catch wild animals in their natural habits, drawing attention to the animals and the beauty that surrounds them. 

SN also goes beyond the obvious image by evoking emotion within each photograph, transporting viewers to places they can not go. His unique tiger-focused artworks remind the audience of the beauty and importance of the tiger population. 

International Tiger Day celebrates our diverse ecosystem, protects an amazing endangered animal, and celebrates the bond between tigers and humans. To explore more tiger-focused artworks created by the exclusive Eden Gallery artist, visit your nearest Eden Gallery location or the Eden website today.


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