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Alec Monopoly’s trendsetting artworks demand to be at the forefront of your attention. Monopoly’s contemporary style resonates with all who view his compelling works. His latest collection ‘Get Your $hare’ or ‘Bond $haresreimagines his iconic depictions of Rich Uncle Pennybags and Richie Rich on a very unique canvas…  in fact, it isn’t canvas at all. These compositions are painted directly onto vintage bonds! These Wall St. bonds date back as far as 1919, all with the original stamps and signatures of authenticity. Although the companies are no longer in existence, some of these bonds were worth up to $1M back in their day. Every one of the 28 bonds was initially a part of Alec Monopoly’s personal collection. However, while traveling the world Monopoly could not keep his paint brushes away from this unconventional canvas and so originated the Bond $hares collection. After sharing some of his creations on Instagram, his followers went wild for a chance to own one of the most exciting collections to date. So, in the wake of fanfare Monopoly took a trip to London and brought with him the full collection.

Art collectors worldwide are drawn to Monopoly’s use of bright colors and his graffiti-inspired aesthetic. His provocative yet timeless art always astonishes with his wonderfully unique blend of materials from spray paint and varnishes to newspaper clippings and now bonds. So how fitting that his new ‘bond’ collection is sold exclusively form our Bond St. gallery in London.

His art uses playful depictions of recognizable characters as a commentary on the American collective consciousness and shared values. Monopoly himself is a symbol of celebrity glam as he promotes his luxurious lifestyle through his art and social media platforms. As there is now a growing interest in street artists and depictions of American culture, Alec Monopoly’s art pieces have become particularly attractive targets appealing to art connoisseurs as well as the young, dynamic art crowd.

Are you interested in art with a bit of history? Get you $hare of the Monopoly collection here >>


Get Your $hare - Alec Monopoly

Get Your $hare - Alec Monopoly

Get Your $hare - Alec Monopoly

Get Your $hare - Alec Monopoly

Get Your $hare - Alec Monopoly


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