Five Things You Didn't Know About Yoel Benharrouche

Exclusive Eden Gallery artist Yoel Benharrouche consistently stimulates a passion for color, life, and the spiritual nature of existence through a vibrant palette and mystical contemplations. His diverse collection includes an array of unique mediums such as acrylic on canvas, lacquer on metal, mixed media on paper, sculpture, and acrylic on wood, including hand-painted musical instruments.

The renowned artist was born in 1961 into a heavily religious family, where he discovered his passion for the Scriptures. He became a familiar face at various study centers and continued to lead a spiritual path while completing his Fine Arts training, studying fundamental biblical texts, and teaching drawing.

His abstract style originates from spiritual inspirations as he balances strength and elegance. Through his art, Yoel Benharrouche celebrates the history of humanity. As we celebrate his birthday this October 3rd, here are five things you didn't know about Yoel Benharrouche.


1.While creating his work, Yoel Benharrouche is constantly looking for a connection between the physical and the spiritual world. He believes that this connection is the true reality of the world. His singular truth within his work is divided into four levels, each revealing yet another hidden message. The artist's inspiration is to translate the meaning of life within his abstract artwork so that his audience can make personal connections and interpretations. Yoel does not simply want to paint images; he constantly has a meaning, reaction, and reflection in his mind and heart that he wants to reveal to the world.

2. Although Yoel Benharrouche can explain himself on different levels, his interests and artwork are in constant harmony. He believes it is essential to continue this unity within himself because of the dangers of living a life where your soul and body are disconnected from one another. The artist's work is an extension of himself that can be explained through multiple mediums such as words, colors, and languages. His life and arts are the same, a singular entity representing a distinct self.

3. The artist's creative process begins with a dream which is then translated into a reality through a canvas or sculpture. Each idea is executed with honesty and loyalty to himself and his artwork. Yoel listens to his soul, disregarding any external or conflicting information, because the more authentic he is, the more beautiful his art becomes.

4. Traveling allows Yoel Benharrouche to open his mind and soul, allowing himself to gain inspiration from his new experiences. The artist is more reactive in different environments than his own. He chooses to listen and be a spectator to learn from other artists and explore other art forms. He believes that even when you are constantly sharing with others, you always have the opportunity to receive.  

5. There was never a decision to pursue a career in art because Yoel Benharrouche truly believed that he was born to be an artist. His life is his art, and there is never a separation. His esthetic derives from his spiritual inspirations and religious roots, establishing a bond between heaven and earth.

The artist's distinguished style is a conversation with the divine, and he is constantly establishing a sincere connection with his audience. To learn more about Yoel Benharrouche, view his latest artworks, or visit your nearest Eden Gallery location today.

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