Feathers and Form: The Fascination of Angelo Accardi's Ostrich Sculptures

Unveiling the Enchanting World of Ostriches in Art 

The ostrich has been a subject in art for centuries and has symbolized various concepts and beliefs. From foolishness and vanity to grace and vulnerability, the ostrich represents so many things and continues to be explored in contemporary art. For modern-day surrealist Angelo Accardi, the bird is often depicted in his multidimensional paintings, and there is never just one meaning. See how Accardi adds depth and humor to his contemporary art with the flightless animal in his work.

Destroyers and Creators: The Duality of the Ostrich

For Angelo Accardi, one of the main roles of the ostrich is to represent the duality of man. "The man who with so much passion creates, with malice and lightness destroys," explains Accardi in his own words. Angelo's paintings are often post-apocalyptic looking, with his blend of characters, clashing items, and backdrops from contrasting eras. Accardi's art is all about creation, destruction, and unreality. There is never a single meaning but a whole story behind each painting. Ironic, striking, and playful, Accardi's ostriches make a frequent appearance in his work. In his artwork called 'Gold Sky,' Accardi depicts a capitalist world with famous fast food joint signs and three ostriches.


The World of Contrasts and Ostriches

The ostrich's symbolism's versatility draws Accardi to the bird. It can represent vulnerability and grace or strength and speed; there is a wide range of interpretations regarding the large bird. It is precisely these contradicting ideas that attract Accardi to the animal so acutely. Since his art is all about contradictions, he quite intentionally places the animals in environments and situations where they have no business being. In his artwork called 'Playing With New Toys,' the famous character Buzz Lightyear is found in an art gallery being surrounded by ostriches. "The Toy Story Character,” Accardi explains, "are representative of the human condition, albeit in a satiric version." his mix of the unpredictable ostriches and the satirical version of the human form come together in the exact chaotic and confusing reality that Accardi aims to portray.

Movement and Curiosity in Art

These birds are known for their speed, agility, and swiftness, another aspect that they represent is movement. Accardi uses ostriches to convey a sense of action and curiosity within his paintings to add sensation and depth to his already busy paintings. Each of Accardi's artworks tells not just one but many stories inside a single frame. When the viewer looks at Accardi's work, it can be hard to stop pondering the many possibilities and narratives that his paintings can mean. In Accardi's artwork called 'Malone's House,' the ostrich adds a sense of aliveness and curiosity in an otherwise idle backdrop.

The Versatile Symbol of Ostriches

Overall, ostriches have been a symbol in art for centuries, representing a range of themes and ideas such as strength, speed, grace, and beauty. From the majestic beauty of an ostrich in full stride to the subtle nuances of its feathers and eyes, the ostrich is a powerful and versatile symbol that Eden Gallery artist Angelo Accardi captures so strikingly. To see more thought-provoking artworks, browse the Eden Gallery website or a local gallery near you.


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