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Father's Day

What is Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a worldwide holiday filled with appreciation, admiration, and celebration for all the men who have embraced the essential role of fatherhood. Celebrated on the third Sunday in June, this holiday allows families to show their love and gratitude for all the father figures who have played a vital role in their life.

How do People Celebrate Father's Day

Father's Day is a relatively modern holiday, meaning  families have different traditions when it comes to celebrating their loved ones. There are a variety of ways we can celebrate our fathers. Whether it is purchasing their special gifts, buying them a thank you card, or simply just spending quality time with them.

Fine art is an excellent way to show how much someone means to you. Choosing a piece of artwork for a specific individual displays an immense amount of forethought, effort, and care.  

There is no wrong way to give the gift of art. Every piece of art is intricate and unique so when choosing to give someone an art piece, it requires thought of the recipient. Their interests, attributes, and style must be taken into account. Art lasts a lifetime and when you choose a piece that encapsulates the essence of your loved one, it will always be the perfect gift.

Father’s Relationship With Their Children

A father's role in their child's life holds an immense amount of importance. Father figures encourage risk-taking and competition while simultaneously preparing their children for the challenges in life. The selfless care and protection that individuals receive from their fathers along with the endless support system that follows are unmatched.

Norman Rockwell, an American painter, and illustrator created countless amounts of love-filled family images, many of which included pictorial depictions of the relationship between a father and his children.

Breaking Home Ties, a cover illustration for The Saturday Evening Post on September 25, 1954, is considered to be one of Rockwell’s masterpieces. The painting was voted the second-most popular image in Post history and continues to hold the reverence of the general public.

The painting tells the story of a father seeing his son off to college. The father, his son, and their dog are seen sitting on the running board of the family's farm truck, waiting for the train to take the young man away to begin the next chapter of his life. The boy is eagerly looking towards the horizon in his freshly pressed suit while his father sits directly beside him, hunched over with a cigarette dangling from his lips. While the young man is excited to embrace his unknown future, his father’s posture indicates sadness over his college-bound son's departure.

Rockwell painted this cover the year his two younger sons left home for college and his oldest entered the Air Force. Similar to the father in the painting, Rockwell was left with an empty feeling when his children had left home.

The painting represents the powerful bond between a father and his children and the unspoken power that it holds. While the father is reluctant to see his son leave, he is still sitting right by his son's side, awaiting the train with him. While the two figures are looking in opposite directions, their legs are touching which highlights the strong sense of family ties between a father and his son. Rockwell worked on this painting for a couple of years and he was only satisfied with his work when he felt that it accurately embodied the emotions he felt when his sons left home.

Fathers Day at Eden Gallery

Artists at Eden Gallery also use their families to draw inspiration for their artwork. In an exclusive interview with Eden, Jonty Hurwitz discusses how his family influenced his artistic pursuits.

Within his artwork, Hurwitz’s art relies heavily on the viewer’s perspective from a physical and logical standpoint. During the interview, Hurwitz was asked if he considered the viewer when selecting his subject matters.  

“I think the starting point of the subject is Love or something in the soul,” Hurwitz responds. The starting point of his artwork is his muses that are connected to personal experience. Hurwitz's wife, children, friends, and animals have all played an influential role in his work.

Hurwitz demonstrates the importance of being a loving husband and father. He gains inspiration from his family and the people he loves play a dominating role in his creative process.  

To thank our fathers for everything they have done for us, explore artworks at Eden Gallery to shop for the perfect Father's day gift. Celebrate the people that matter the most to you by giving them a truly unique and memorable gift. Art is a way to remain in the thoughts of a loved one. It will represent the long-lasting bond between you and the giftee. 

Few things can compete with the impact a beautiful piece of art can have on a person. Find the perfect Father’s Day gift by visiting your nearest Eden Gallery location or the Eden website today.

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