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Elephant Art

World Elephant Day

On August 12th, we honor one of Earth’s most brilliant creatures with World Elephant Day. This annual event is the perfect opportunity to discover more about these amazing animals while learning what we can do to preserve and protect them so future generations can appreciate their beauty.

Elephants are exceptionally smart creatures, and demonstrate their impressive intelligent capabilities time and time again. They can understand human body language and distinguish differences in human gender, age, and ethnicity purely by the sound of someone’s voice. Elephants can also form close bonds with companions and they even show empathy and comfort to one another when distressed.

Elephants are admired in part because they demonstrate the finest human traits. Along with their complex personalities, these magnificent and fascinating creatures exhibit beautiful features such as long, off-white tusks on both sides of their trunks. This ivory is an exquisite quality not only attractive to the eye, but also essential to the species' survival.

Elephant Figures in Art at Eden Gallery

Through her devotion and passion for art, Metis Atash perfectly captures the beautiful essence of these magnificent creatures through her stunning Swarovski crystal sculptures. Each sculpture is infused with energy and reminds the audience of the many gifts elephants offer to the world we live in.

Metis Atash is not the only artist that recognizes the importance of elephants. Angelo Accardi’s artwork appreciates the significant impact elephants play in balancing the natural ecosystem. Through his illustrations of surreal visions of everyday life, Accardi incorporates elephants within his artwork, highlighting the species' natural and surreal beauties.  

SN, one of Eden Gallery’s most powerful mixed media artists, uses his camera lens and exceptional eye for photography to capture elephants within their natural habitat. Through his artwork, SN draws his audience's attention to the crucial role elephants play within our ecosystem along with the beauty they bring to our environment.


Elephants are a keystone species for their environments because they play a crucial role in balancing the natural ecosystem. These animals provide vital ecosystem services that are essential for the survival of numerous other species.

The presence of elephants simply benefits the fauna and flora in an ecosystem. They create small water holes during drought periods through digging to access underground water. This not only allows the elephants to survive in dry environments but also provides water for other animals that share those same harsh habitats. Elephants also generate new plant growth in different areas through dispersing seeds while they travel. These are just a few of the ways that elephants boost the health of our ecosystem.

This keystone species is under constant threat from habitat loss, human-wildlife conflict, and poaching for its ivory. We must continue to recognize the importance of the elephant species and work together to protect and manage elephant's and their habitats. To explore more elephant-focused artworks created by the exclusive Eden Gallery artist, visit your nearest Eden Gallery location or the Eden website today.


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