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Behind-the-scenes of London Fashion Week was filled with excitement and artistry, as the most fashionable people of the city, were bustling from party to party, but none more so alluring than the first exhibition of SN’s in London! Art connoisseurs and gallery-goers enjoyed an unforgettable evening of live music, creative cocktails and SN’s latest collection of butterfly beauties which you can view here.

SN in London

SN in London

Eden Fine Art’s four-floor New Bond St. gallery transformed into an immersive, innovative art exhibition for the closing night of Fashion Week. Guests enjoyed there magical atmosphere where fashion met art in this uniquely contemporary exhibit. 

While art patrons strolled through the gallery viewing the latest collection of butterfly works, SN, with his Canon Leica 601 in hand, was showing off his photography skills. The artist’s latest butterfly beauties posed for the camera so that the audience could truly see what goes behind every artwork. SN approaches every stage of his work with careful consideration. Allowing the audience to see what it takes from concept to construction added a unique element to view the artworks. 

SN in London
SN in London

“The most exciting part of the work is in the concept stage.” – SN

Starting his career as a photographer, SN has always drawn inspiration from visual imagery and composition. His earlier works are powerful and dramatic, exposing the relationships between humankind and nature. Still drawing inspiration from this subject matter, SN’s newer works use mixed media to create avant-garde compositions that embody his love for nature and beauty. 

Butterfly Art

Always expressing a dreamlike quality, SN incorporates his passion for nature and fantasy in his works. “I got the idea for my first work with butterflies while I was sitting with my wife at the beach,’ says SN when asked about how he first thought to bring in this colorful natural element into his work. A month later, he had created his first butterfly artwork, and from there, he fluttered into a new world of fine art expression. Fast forward to 2019, and SN is recognized worldwide as the butterfly artist, creating beautiful compositions dramatically impacting his ever-growing audience.

SN in London

Eden Gallery is a one-of-a-kind fine art gallery showcasing a diverse collection of contemporary art. Stay up to date on all events that are happening in London and prime cities around the globe by following #EDENLIVE on Instagram!

SN’s collection is exclusively available through Eden Gallery. To learn more about SN in London and to view his latest works, click here.

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