Art Trends 2023

Looking back through history, it is incredible to see the art trends that have impacted society. We have been creating art for as long as humans can use our hands. From early cave paintings to the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, art has always been present in many different forms, constantly telling us about the lives of the people who create it. Tracing a timeline through various art movements allows us to see how modern and contemporary art has developed and how art reflects its time.  

While it is difficult to predict the future of any industry, especially the art world, specific exciting movements will take the art world by storm. Here are the three art trends that will dominate the art scene in 2023.



Virtual Art

Ever-increasing computer capabilities have transformed the more incredible culture of an image in art. The development of computers and other technical tools has transformed artworks into an entire virtual universe with a unique level of immersion and engagement from its viewers. The technology behind virtual art erases the difference between the viewer, the creator, and the artwork by merging all three. A prodigy in the field of 3D art, Gal Yosef focuses exclusively on digital design, utilizing computer technology in his creative process. Yosef's unique 3D skills allow him to bring his artwork to life, allowing them to shine bright even when the lights turn off.



Street Art

Regarded as one of the largest and most famous art movements, street art is still rapidly growing as an art form. Street art can appear in urban areas and public locations, such as exterior walls of buildings, highway overpasses, and bridges, remarkably changing the appearance of many neighborhoods and cities around the world. This unique art form often conveys social or political messages, provoking a reaction from its viewers and creating awareness about pressing issues. Alec Monopoly and Eduardo Kobra are world-renowned street artists represented by Eden Gallery, who create stunning street art that fills cities with color and life, revolutionizing how we think about politics, social issues, and even art itself.


Soothing Pastels

Soothing Pastels are the neutrals of the future, exhibiting a lighter side of things through a relaxing yet thoroughly energizing shade selection within the art world. Calming pastels can change our mood, inviting viewers into a world full of ambiance and serenity. Comparing his art to poetry, Calman Shemi has developed a medium of "soft painting" that speaks to the relationship between the individual and the natural environment. The artist's original "soft painting" technique offers his audience an alleviating visual experience distinctive from anything people have ever seen before.

The new year will be exciting for art, with unique and innovative pieces created through many breathtaking mediums. Explore more impressive works on the Eden Gallery website or visit a gallery near you today. 

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