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Art in the Bedroom

The right piece of artwork in your bedroom can make or break a space. Art in the bedroom is often used to make the bedroom more aesthetically pleasing and as a way to infuse personality into your space. 

The types of artwork selected can affect your mood and how you feel about yourself. Some people find that art in their bedroom subconsciously influences mood, says something about their personality, or helps them sleep better.

What is Bedroom Art?

Bedroom art is a form of artwork you display in your bedroom. Any artwork can be displayed in the bedroom. However, contemporary bedroom artwork is often abstract, usually consisting of abstract shapes and colors made using pencils, paints, markers, and other such materials. 

Artwork displayed in other parts of a home is intended to be viewed not only by the homeowner but also by visitors. Bedroom art is typically more personal, and often more subdued than the bright statement artworks found in common living areas.

What Type of Art is Used in Bedrooms?

Displaying art in the bedroom can be a great way to enhance your mood and create a unique and personalized space. One of the most critical aspects of designing an artful bedroom is that it should be personal. For some people, this might mean bold colors and bright artwork that makes a statement. For others, this might mean using calming colors and softer artwork to create a peaceful and relaxing space.

Many considerations go into decorating a room. Before you start thinking about colors and styles, consider whether you want your room to be relaxing or stimulating. This decision will determine the style, color, and types of artworks you may want to display. From there, of the most important consideration is what kind of artwork you want on your walls.

Different artworks evoke different moods in people, and many different options depend on what kind of mood you want in your bedroom. Generally, the bedroom is a place of peace, rest and tranquility. Therefore, subdued pieces in relaxing colors often work well in a bedroom.

How Can I Decorate My Bedroom?

There are a million different ways you can decorate a bedroom. You can collect your favorite art and cover your walls in a gallery style. Or, choose a single striking artwork to serve as a central focal point. 

Artwork in the bedroom can make the bedtime routine more relaxing or inspire those who like to work at night before they sleep. Artwork such as paintings, sculptures, photographs or even framed quotes can make any bedroom feel like home. Crafts are also popular in bedrooms, and many people choose to display macrame, embroidery, or carvings in their bedrooms. 

Where Should Wall Art be Placed in a Bedroom?

The placement of wall art in a bedroom is important because it sets the tone for the entire space. It can say a lot about you or your personality. 

Generally, the bed is the largest object in a bedroom, and therefore the focal point. It's popular and common to display artworks centered on the wall behind your bed’s headboard. If the bed is centered in the room this will make a single artwork the centralized focal point of a room. 

However, artwork does not need to be centered in the room. If you have a tall headboard and not much space above your bed you prefer to hang artwork along one side of the bed, or on either side of windows. 

Regardless of the room, large-scale artworks should always be hung at eye level. 

Which Painting is Best for the Bedroom?

The key is to find a painting for the bedroom that will work with the rest of your décor and theme. To do this, you need to know what kind of room you’re designing for and what ambiance you want it to have.If you want a soothing space look for abstract artworks with calming colors or tones. For photographs, landscapes in muted colors or desaturated photos work best.

There are many art galleries that offer paintings for sale where you can buy bedroom art. Here are some of the most popular types of art used in bedrooms:

Popular bedroom art:

  1. Landscapes
  2. Garden scenes
  3. Ocean views
  4. Abstract art
  5. Floral art

Should I Hang a Picture Above My Bed?

A bedroom is a place for relaxation and rejuvenation. It is the one place in the house where people should be able to escape from everything and just relax. For example, if your goal is to get a better night’s sleep, then it would be best to hang a picture above your bed that is either relaxing or calming in nature.

If you decide to display artwork above the bed, go for a larger piece. In most rooms, a bigger painting or photograph is always better than one that is too small. When placed over a large object like a bed, a small picture can seem disproportionate and out of place.

Smaller artworks should instead be displayed above vanities, bed size tables, lamps, or in a gallery style series alongside other artworks.

What Can I Do With a Blank Wall in My Room?

A blank wall is like a canvas - you can do whatever you want with it.

Wall art is a great way to make your space feel homier. It can bring some personalization to the room and make it more aesthetically appealing overall. There are many types of ornaments you can display on a blank bedroom wall. Besides traditional artworks, you could also display photos of your loved ones or hang soft crafts. 

To add some dimension to a room consider a feature wall in either a block color or with a decal. If you want to give your room a romantic touch, go for some dark color.

The blank wall in your room is not just for show. It can be an opportunity to express yourself creatively. Paint your room with colors that you love, or pick up some creative supplies to draw on the wall. You can also put up photos of people or places that are special to you.

Decorating your bedroom

Art in a bedroom often reflects the personalities and style of a home’s occupants. Your choice of an art piece is just as important as its placement. Artwork can really make or break the room in which it is displayed.

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