Alec Monopoly Exhibition 2021: SOLD AS SEEN

Alec Monopoly takes London this month with a brand new exhibition at Eden Gallery London. The event, SOLD AS SEEN, will take place on October 28th from 7 pm. It is a collaboration between Alec and DJ Nic Fanciulli. 

Alec Monopoly SOLD AS SEEN

Opening for one night only in Eden Gallery’s New Bond Street London location, the exhibition will not only feature Alec’s latest collection of mixed media paintings but a special unveiling of a new project in the works. A brand new line of art-inspired apparel will be on display and available for purchase.

You can RSVP to SOLD AS SEEN here

Alec Monopoly Art

Alec Monopoly’s new collection of art features his signature characters, Uncle Pennybags and Richie Rich. Whether the theme of Alec’s new work will coincide with the fact that they are premiering in a London Gallery, remains to be seen. Alec often prefers to coincide his art’s themes with the same settings as the gallery the art is being displayed in, whether it be Aspen, NYC, or London. In this way, his fans are able to purchase a piece of his art together with a memory of the occasion. 

Alec Monopoly Shop

Not able to attend the exhibition? A pop-up shop featuring everything Alec Monopoly, from artwork to fashion pieces will officially open its doors on October 28th and remain open to the public until November 1st.


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