One of the Hottest Talents in Pop Art today, Alec Monopoly Addresses Fortune and Fame in his New Collection.

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Alec Monopoly is One of the Hottest Talents in Pop Art today!

Using icons of fame and fortune, celebrity graffiti artist Alec Monopoly shocks us by placing his subjects in a variety of thought-provoking situations.
Monopoly’s distinct style of political art subverts popular characters of wealth–like the Monopoly man, Richie rich, and Scrooge McDuck– by contrasting these icons of wealth with graffitied urban surfaces, urging his audience to explore wealth in urban spaces. Monopoly’s work isn’t all about wealth, though. His new collection explores famous figures and iconic images in pieces like “JOHN & THE ABBEY ROAD,” a mixed media piece depicting John Lennon with Abbey Road reflected in his glasses, and “FIRST ROUND,” a strong, energetic line-painting of Muhammad Ali over newsprint with the title, “A Life in Quotes.”

Monopoly’s medium (graffiti) allows him to democratize that which sees itself as above us, allowing his audience to be in direct conversation with his work.

See his new collection here



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