The Surreal Art of Angelo Accardi

Angelo Accardi’s surreal art represents a compromise between the art of the past and the art of the present

Patrick Hughes Art: A Visual Paradox

Patrick Hughes art is modern, surreal, and utterly unique. His reverspective work personifies the paradoxical, the absurd, the magical, and the poetic.

International Artists Day

International Artist Day is the opportunity to honor artists for their significant contributions to society.


Jonty Hurwitz | Art From an Angle

Fine art through the creative eye of Jonty Hurwitz is beyond the vision of every artist preceding him.


Play it Again: An Expression of Music in Fine Art

An expression of music does not come in through only the sense of hearing, but it is an ever encompassing feeling of passion, joy, inspiration, or divine connection.


Icons in Art

Eden Gallery's multi-faceted artists dedicate some of their works to the icons of the last century in Eden Gallery's Icons Collection.


The Art Nature Collection

One of the earliest inspirations in all forms of art, nature remains a strong force in our lives, as seen in Eden Gallery's nature collection.


Buy Art Online With the Eden Shop

Eden Gallery is excited to share with you our new online shop where you can find shadow boxes, sculptures, paintings, and more!


Karl Lagerfeld Tribute

Karl Lagerfeld, the legendary fashion designer will always be remembered through his legacy, iconic image, and the world of fine art.


7 Reasons Why Your Office Needs Art

Boosting creativity, reducing stress levels, & providing an aesthetically pleasing environment, office art has more benefits than you would initially think.

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