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Jonas Leriche and Eden Fine Art are thrilled to announce that the Contemporary Fine Art Photographer and Production Designer has signed an exclusive partnership with the esteemed Contemporary Pop Art gallery. Eden Fine Art is now the sole and exclusive distributor of Jonas Leriche’s original works through its galleries and its partner galleries.

Eden Fine Art - Soho Gallery

Jonas Leriche’s photography is genuine, aesthetic, emotional, and dramatic. Leriche’s popularity has only grown since he began his production studio, where he masterfully puts together his photographs, relying almost entirely on production design instead of graphics to create his masterpieces. His elaborate sets and props celebrate the tactile assembly of the photograph, the models, the makeup, the staging. “It’s art you can touch,” says the artist, who experiments with printing techniques for his photographs to give viewers a more authentic and sensual experience. His unique photographs are printed using resin, diamond dust, crystals, and gold among other luxury materials. It’s all part of Leriche’s desire for his audiences to experience a raw, emotional journey. As for his new collaboration, the artist says, “Eden Fine Art gallery gives me the space to be my authentic self. I started to work with Eden gallery when I began creating Fine Art Photography. As my work keeps evolving into different media, like mixed media, sculptures, video and live art, the gallery and I are working to create the ultimate Leriche experience, an invitation for the viewer to connect with my world. I believe my career is in safe hands with them.”

Jonas Leriche Joins Eden Fine Art

Eden Fine Art, a major International Art Gallery, initiated and owned by Cathia Klimovsky, has accomplished much since its inception in 1997. Its exposure has expanded multi-continentally through the launch of over a dozen galleries in the world’s most prime locations and through high-profile partnership developments with independent galleries that distribute artworks by gallery-represented artists. Eden Fine Art successfully operates two NYC flagship galleries in SoHo and on Madison Ave, 25,000 square feet in Soho and 10,000 square feet on Madison Ave corner of 50th st. Among other international spaces, Eden Fine Art also operates a 12,000 square feet London Gallery on New Bond Street, in what was until last year the Christies building in Mayfair. The gallery’s chain promotes a consistent artistic direction by curating a unique and diverse contemporary expression that conveys an optimistic and colorful view of life.

If you’re looking for Leriche’s artwork, you can find them in our Jonas Leriche’s Collection page or in any of Eden Fine Art’s ten gallery spaces all over the world!



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