The Surreal Art of Angelo Accardi

Angelo Accardi’s surreal art represents a compromise between the art of the past and the art of the present

International Artists Day

International Artist Day is the opportunity to honor artists for their significant contributions to society.

Fourth of July | American Art

This year Eden Gallery is honoring the Fourth of July with new artworks celebrating stars, stripes, and freedom!


Superheroes in Art

Superheroes have been saving the public for generations. Eden's artists pay homage to these gallant, masked humans in the Superhero Collection!


Icons in Art

Eden Gallery's multi-faceted artists dedicate some of their works to the icons of the last century in Eden Gallery's Icons Collection.


Contemporary Comics | How American Comic Art Stays Relevant in 2020

Offering appealing visual imagery and insight into our very own childhoods, comics live on in fine art as seen in Eden Gallery’s Comic Collection.


Angelo Accardi: Forged in Fire

Angelo Accardi has finished off the year with an exciting exhibit in NYC and new collections that continue the conversation of referencing art old and new.


Misplaced in New York with Angelo Accardi

Angelo Accardi shared with art patrons of New York City his artistic vision at the 'Misplaced' exhibition in Eden Fine Art SoHo!



Eden Fine Art, alongside artists Angelo Accardi, is proud to present the artist’s new collection ‘Misplaced Extravaganza’ in an exciting exhibition opening on Thursday, November 21.


Marilyn Monroe: The Face of Modern Art

The blond bombshell was the most popular sex symbol of the ‘50s and ‘60s, but while she was indicative of the era’s attitude towards sexuality and beauty, in this century, she symbolizes so much more.

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