Valentine’s Day Art: The LOVE Collection

Eden Gallery is celebrating this dedicated day of love with a special Love collection of art from a variety of our exclusive artists.

Pop Art: Tributes to Icons

Pop art challenged the traditions of fine art by using imagery from comic strips, pop culture, and mundane objects. See Eden artists' tributes to pop art!


Contemporary Comics | How American Comic Art Stays Relevant in 2020

Offering appealing visual imagery and insight into our very own childhoods, comics live on in fine art as seen in Eden Gallery’s Comic Collection.


Art Exhibitions of 2019: Twelve Months of Memories

2019 was a year of amazement with art exhibitions around the world and new collections wowing international audiences. Here is our year in review!


Marilyn Monroe: The Face of Modern Art

The blond bombshell was the most popular sex symbol of the ‘50s and ‘60s, but while she was indicative of the era’s attitude towards sexuality and beauty, in this century, she symbolizes so much more.


Art For All Ages – F&G in Mykonos

Yesterday afternoon was filled with laughter and fun at Eden Fine Art Mykonos! Innovative artists F&G were revealing their latest collection of bright and contemporary sculptures under the [...]


Smells Like Toon Spirit – F&G in Mykonos

Eden Fine Art invites guests and art collectors to Mykonos to preview F&G’s newest collection Smells Like Toon Spirit, an art exhibition uniquely fitting for all ages!