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Eden Fine Art is pleased to announce, in collaboration with Fred Allard, an exhibition that can’t be missed. De Fred à Karl is an exclusive exhibit displaying the contemporary sculptures of renowned French artist Fred Allard. Join us on June 6th, 2019 at 7:00 pm for your chance to view his newest collection and take part in one of the most fashionable art exhibitions to date.

De Fred à Karl - From Fred to Karl


Originally from South of France Allard’s signature ‘Shopping Bags’ series has made its mark on the international contemporary art scene. With iconic cultural symbolism taking center stage and immortalized in transparent resin, Allard’s signature artworks are immediately recognizable.


Eden Fine Art Soho will be transforming its four-floor gallery in the heart of Soho into the fascinating and glittering, luxurious world of Allard. His bright colorful works have already made their mark in the arts and fashion scenes, as they will surely leave a mark on all who see them. De Fred à Karl gives art patrons an exceptional opportunity to meet the famed artist and peer into the world of high fashion through his unique eye.


De Fred à Karl (from Fred to Karl) is a tribute to the late fashion icon, Karl Lagerfeld. A symbol of the French fashion house Chanel, Karls image is unanimous with that of the high fashion runways of Paris. Allard’s new monumental artworks will commemorate Chanel, Karl and all he has done for fashion in his lifetime.

De Fred à Karl - From Fred to Karl

One of a Kind Opportunity

Eden Fine Art and Fred Allard are giving New York’s art collectors the exclusive opportunity to take home a custom piece of art. De Fred à Karl will allow patrons the once in a lifetime chance to meet the artist and choose materials from a large display. Your chosen items will be painted in Allards unique style and then immortalized into one of his signature bags.

The night will be complete with chic cocktails and special guest DJ Alix Brown. Creating an atmosphere congruous with the haute couture fashion shows of Chanel.
Available artworks from the new ‘DE FRED À KARL’ collection will be shown on the Eden Fine Art website a day after the event.

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