International Artists Day

International Artist Day is the opportunity to honor artists for their significant contributions to society.


Eden in the Evergreens: The New Aspen Gallery

Eden Gallery's brand new contemporary art space sits beneath the Rocky Mountains of Aspen, Colorado.

Relaxing Art: Making Your Home a Haven

In times of turmoil or uncertainty, we search for ways to de-stress our lives. Relaxing art offers a sanctuary from the chaos.

The Colors of Mykonos

The Mykonos Gallery sits nestled in the heart of Nammos Village. Artwork from our exclusive collections bring Eden’s signature pop of color to this tranquil island.

Pop Art: Tributes to Icons

Pop art challenged the traditions of fine art by using imagery from comic strips, pop culture, and mundane objects. See Eden artists' tributes to pop art!

Butterfly Art

When a butterfly spreads its wings it also spreads color and joy. See how Eden's artists' are connected through their butterfly art.

Fourth of July | American Art

This year Eden Gallery is honoring the Fourth of July with new artworks celebrating stars, stripes, and freedom!


Play it Again: An Expression of Music in Fine Art

An expression of music does not come in through only the sense of hearing, but it is an ever encompassing feeling of passion, joy, inspiration, or divine connection.


Contemporary Comics | How American Comic Art Stays Relevant in 2020

Offering appealing visual imagery and insight into our very own childhoods, comics live on in fine art as seen in Eden Gallery’s Comic Collection.


Buy Art Online With the Eden Shop

Eden Gallery is excited to share with you our new online shop where you can find shadow boxes, sculptures, paintings, and more!

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