The Surreal Art of Angelo Accardi

Angelo Accardi’s surreal art represents a compromise between the art of the past and the art of the present

Patrick Hughes Art: A Visual Paradox

Patrick Hughes art is modern, surreal, and utterly unique. His reverspective work personifies the paradoxical, the absurd, the magical, and the poetic.

Alec Monopoly Net Worth: How Luxury Art Creates an Icon

Public curiosity around the subject of Alec Monopoly's net worth has only increased as his work has become an exclusive collector's item.

The Alec Monopoly Birkin: Melding Art and Luxury Fashion

Alec Monopoly Birkin bags are the perfect blend of art and luxury. Over time, these custom hand-painted Hermès bags have become exclusive collector's items.

International Artists Day

International Artist Day is the opportunity to honor artists for their significant contributions to society.

Calman Shemi Art

Artist Calman Shemi creates paintings unique from anything contemporary art has seen before.


Eden in the Evergreens: The New Aspen Gallery

Eden Gallery's brand new contemporary art space sits beneath the Rocky Mountains of Aspen, Colorado.

Relaxing Art: Making Your Home a Haven

In times of turmoil or uncertainty, we search for ways to de-stress our lives. Relaxing art offers a sanctuary from the chaos.

The Colors of Mykonos

The Mykonos Gallery sits nestled in the heart of Nammos Village. Artwork from our exclusive collections bring Eden’s signature pop of color to this tranquil island.


Jonty Hurwitz | Art From an Angle

Fine art through the creative eye of Jonty Hurwitz is beyond the vision of every artist preceding him.