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About The Artwork

“Etnia ” by Eduardo Kobra is a Acrylic Painting on Canvas.
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About The Artist

Born in 1975 in south São Paulo, Kobra has become one of the most recognizable and celebrated muralists of our time. With works on five continents, he currently holds the record for the largest graffiti mural in the world.
Influenced by both modern and contemporary artists, Kobra’s artwork is highly research driven. Many of his pieces are rooted in art history. He has painted several famous artworks and icons in his own signature style. The realism of his designs often make his flat-surface paintings appear as three-dimensional. Kobra’s main objective is to provide a space for the public to interact with his art.
Since his first mural in Brazil, Kobra has since painted in France, Spain, Italy, Norway, England, Malawi, India, Japan, United Arab Emirates, and several North American cities.


Eduardo Kobra | Acrylic Painting on Canvas

155x150 cm | 61x59 in

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