The artwork of Jo+Coco is the result of a union between two opposite schools of thought and painting techniques that are united in perfect synthesis.

Coco is a former student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome while Jo attended classics courses at the Academy of Florence. It was from there that he went on to exhibit in a number of art shows, including a recent presence at the Venice Biennale.

Honing a diverse range of painting techniques that vary from instinctive feeling to “mastering matter”, the husband and wife duo share between them a vision of the well-defined. Their attention is drawn to contrasts during the painting process. This creates a precise point of reference that is nevertheless a result of unfettered imagination, reflected in the compositions’ color palette and geometric shapes.

Jo+Coco combine their styles to create balanced contemporary works of art characterized by purity of form, rigor, and decision but, at the same time, show dreamlike scenes and visions. Paintings invite the viewer into stately yet intimate settings, where clean lines and modern decor stretch out to tranquil views. The end result is a scene that is bright, symmetrical, and unencumbered in its ability to capture the observer’s gaze.

These creative artists generate a fresh take on contemporary art. Their specific role in art is characterized as a mirror that exactly reflects the concept of modernity. This collaboration offers a unique harmony of geometry and metaphysics, which, with the delicate balance between rationality and pathos, invites us to the mental space that is Jo+Coco.