Yoel Benharrouche -“L'amour royal” (Original lacquer on metal, 30x24cm)

Yoel Benharrouche (b. 1961) is an Israeli painter and sculpturer who combines deep spiritual concepts from the worlds of Judaism and Kabbalah, with a unique technique. In his works, there is always a story, a message, a constant search for beauty and poetry, religion and love, passion and serenity.

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L'amour royal
















Royal love: an original and profound love that knows to verify all the senses and internal content in a balanced form of giving that is abundance and good. Love means unity and identification with the other. Only in this way can the world achieve it’s desired “Tikkun” (mending). Love is giving…a world of love will be built…art must highlight this aspect without canceling out the other aspects which complement it. This painting depicts that which takes place in the depth of the soul of one who knows how to give and share the good which he receives. Man shapes himself in accordance with the higher values of creation which denote respect and endless giving. Existence as a whole takes place in the mode of giving which is characterized by a royal and the highest form of love.  The groom and bride intend on bringing into the world the entire corpus of moral values.


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