Yoel Benharrouche – La musique est belle
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Yoel Benharrouche
Original Lacquer on Metal
11.8×9.4 in | 30×24 cm

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“The artist paints his yearning for life. He paints his dreams, while surrendering himself to every kindly or critical gaze. It is a personal invitation, a window opening on to our own wishes.
Recognition, mirror, projection, colors, shapes, mediums, symbols. To whole creation process becomes the artist’s palette”.

Deeply spiritual, Yoel Benharrouche establishes a sincere connection with his audience.
His vibrant palette and mystical contemplation explore both the historical and spiritual world of Israel. He paints his surroundings with a lyrical quality that has landed him among the elite artists of the world, exploring the duality between the material and mystical world.

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