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Yoel Benharrouche (b. 1961) is an Israeli painter and sculpture who combines deep spiritual concepts from the worlds of Judism and Kabbalah, with a unique technique. In his works, there is always a story, a message, a constant search for beauty and poetry, religion and love, passion and serenity.
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“Les anges de Jérusalem” (30×24 cm)
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Yoel Benharrouche - Les anges de Jerusalem_30x24_cg

The angels of Jerusalem: these are the arms of the universe that extricate the ideas concealed deep within and bring them out to the external, revealed plane of reality. Every such angel is an expression of the passion and yearning for the absolute Good. We can help beautify and restore balance to our world by mounting the wings of the angels and dispersing the great light. The angels of the city are also the pipelines of the city which carry the supreme light into our world. The angels of Jerusalem are the arms of Ein Sof (eternity) branching out in every direction to enliven the universe with a healthy dose of blessings and goodness.  The lives lived by the angels reflect the attributes which we must strive to internalize to make it possible for the higher values to expand and penetrate the lower planes of the physical world. The angels of the city hold the secret to the bonds necessary to bridge these worlds. They are the link between the ideas and their implementation in this world. The angels are the hands of higher thought, and they carry out the actions in our world. The angel of the artist knows to translate his inner life into a work of art that has a taste and a smell, color and material.”

La ville du ciel (80 x 100cm, Acrylic painting)
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Yoel Benharrouche - la ville du ciel

The dance of the Angels: the angels are forces of influence, and of the connection between the different levels of reality. Every angel carries out his mission faithfully. This painting depicts the angels as musical instruments and birds who transmit the sound. This dance is a dialogue between all the different parts of the universe. The dance of the angels alludes to what is taking place on the higher plane of reality, in the deep recesses of the soul. It is where a very precise dance takes place which communicates to the world down below the correct steps for good progress. Dance is also an act of filtering since the root of the word “le’raked” (“to dance” in Hebrew) is to distinguish between good and evil. In art, this repeats itself countless of times and one needs to know how to do it in order the remain faithful to the inner idea that the artist wished to express. This is called – dance.”

“L’amour royal” (Original lacquer on metal, 30x24cm)
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L'amour royal

Royal love: an original and profound love that knows to verify all the senses and internal content in a balanced form of giving that is abundance and good. Love means unity and identification with the other. Only in this way can the world achieve it’s desired “Tikkun” (mending). Love is giving…a world of love will be built…art must highlight this aspect without cancelling out the other aspects which compliment it. This painting depicts that which takes place in the depth of the soul of one who knows how to give and share the good which he receives. Man shapes himself in accordance with the higher values of creation which denote respect and endless giving. Existence as a whole takes place in the mode of giving which is characterized by a royal and the highest form of love.  The groom and bride intend on bringing into the world the entire corpus of moral values. “

“La jérusalem d’en haut” (Original lacquer on metal, 30x24cm)
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Yoel Benharrouche - La jérusalem d'en haut

“Heavenly Jerusalem: this is the plane of ideals where the original idea as it was intended to be resides. We aspire to live in our lower world called “Jerusalem of below” in total allegiance to those higher values. This success allows the higher good to spread to all spheres of life. Heavenly Jerusalem then is the plane of ideals before they break apart into smaller elements, and before they deviate from their original qualities. Heavenly Jerusalem is the secret at the foundation of the soul, called “the afterlife”. The fact that we consistently encounter this value inspires us causing us to become better people and more amenable to self-improvement. We identify with even greater passion with the real values of our identity which leads us to live a life with complete honesty and loyalty.  Heavenly Jerusalem is like a great Sabbath where delight and inner joy brings man in touch with the beautiful poetry of life.”

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