Tommy: The Americana Series

Known for his depictions of American cultural icons, artist Tommy has released a series
of portraits deepening his exploration of traditional Americana.
With Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, KISS, and Bettie Page included in
his latest exhibition, Tommy is offering his perspective on the trends that shaped
beauty standards for generations to come.

Tommy’s distinct style relies on a unique acrylic-on-wood technique.
Beginning with recycled wood pallets, Tommy treats each piece of wood individually,
cutting it to size and sanding it to smoothness, before beginning the
multi-step paint process. Painting in layers, the wood grows from its original
sanded state into an acrylic-glazed painting.

Exploring the development of culture and beauty through the icons Tommy has chosen,
we are able to re-enter and re-examine history — and the way it impacts us today.

All works are acrylic on wood, available in varying sizes.

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