Todd Gray – Totems, Tables, and Wall Sculptures In Soho

Todd Gray - Lucky Charms

Working with acrylic on wood, Todd Gray is the mastermind behind totem poles, tables, and wall structures speaking to the brightness and lightness of the pop art tradition.
Gray’s brilliance begins with his naming process. The fun of his artwork begins with each piece’s name – Wumbus, Skritz, and Barxo are examples of the spirit, energy, and vibrance that each piece is born into.


‘Pow!’ isn’t just a word that Gray designs with – it’s the best way to describe Gray’s work.  Commenting on his place as an artist, Gray said:

Essentially, I am de-constructing classic pop art imagery that the masters made so famous…and reconstructing it into my own unique visual language. Essentially, sampling what the masters sampled and recreating it into something unique, original and relevant that places my work in a historical context yet maintains my need for balance, simplicity, playfulness and aesthetic beauty.

Recognizing his part in maintaining an art legacy, Gray has still managed to find space for innovation and creation within an existing tradition. Renowned for his use of color and language, Gray is also known for his inspired adaptation of atypical mediums — notably tables and totem poles — to the established style. Working with traditional colors and textures, his choice of mediums grants him freedom to allow a bright, enlivened aesthetic to live and breathe until today.

1962 is the year that welcomed both pop art and Todd Gray to the world. As time goes on, Todd Gray and his birth year’s art movement continue to progress, providing the world with a rare source of pure color, lightness, and fun.


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