Six New Pieces by Yoel Benharrouche

We’re happy to announce the arrival of six new lacquer works by Yoel Benharrouche.
All works are 80 x 100cm and are ready for immediate, international shipping.
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Visages Du Monde 

Yoel Benharrouch - Visages du monde - 80 x 100 cm




Yoel Benharrouch - Partage - 80 x 100 cm


Les Mondes Caches


Yoel Benharrouch -les mondes caches - 80 x 100 cm


Le Jongleur


Yoel Benharrouch - Le jongleur - 80 x 100 cm


 L’ange De L’amour


Yoel Benharrouch - L'ange de l'amour - 80 x 100 cmjpg


Elan d’amour 


Yoel Benharrouch - Elan d' amour - 80 x 100 cm




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