November 2015 in Eden Fine Art


We’re thrilled to announce our collaboration with NYC hyper-realistic artist Carole Feuerman!
Visit her page here to see some of her works. More works to be featured in our website soon.
Carole Feuerman - Miniature Serena

David Kracov carried two guitars with him to our gallerie. The electric and acoustic guitars are a celebration of the love for music, and the colors, emotions and energies it bring to mind.
Both “Pop Music” (on the left) and “Tugging On My Heart Strings” are 123x46cm


David Kracov - Tugging On My Heart StringsDavid Kracov - Pop Music


Romero Britto with a new series of works in embellished prints!
Click here for the series images and for more info.
Romero Britto - Starr night

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