November 2015 Newsletter – Partners


Below you’ll find all artworks listed in our November 2015 newsletter.
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The following titles are available for international shipping:

The Butterfly Effect – Mini (60x60cm)
My Heart Is All a Flutter (51x61cm, 90x109cm)
My Heart Is All a FLutter [Black and White] (51x61cm)
Reflections (165x66cm)
Homage to Jackson Pollock – Beige (42x67cm)
Gift Of Life (94x65x55cm)
NY In My Heart (87x73cm, 44x44cm)
Look Within Your Heart (55x62cm, 90x107cm)
Making Love – Mini (45x130cm)
Passing With Flying Colors (62×130 cm)
Pop Music (123x46cm)
Tugging On My Heart Strings (123x64cm)


The new series by Nelson Fabiano, click on the image to view all works available.
The Determined Donald 150x100


David Kracov – Two Guitars

David Kracov - Pop Music

Pop Music, 123x64cm


David Kracov - Tugging On My Heart Strings

Tugging On My Heart Strings, 123x64cm

David Kracov – My Heart Is All a Flutter (51x61cm)
My Heart is all a Flutter_grey


Dorit Levinstein – Louis Armstrong
The new addition in the ‘Icons’ series. 55x65cm.

Dorit Levinstein - Louis Armstrong


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