Joseph – Don’t Burn the Flag
Eden Fine Art - Joseph - Don't burn the flag

Artwork: Don’t Burn the Flag

Category: Metal Wall Sculpture

Size: 31.5 × 23.6 in | 80 × 60 cm 

 In “Don’t Burn the Flag,” Joseph experiments with the enduring symbol of the American flag and the tensions embedded within it. While the statement may have been relevant during the majority of the Vietnam War, it also offers an ominous reminder of the contentious political climate of the United States in the present day and age.

Parisian-born Joseph received training in architecture at EDPI and graphic arts at Sornas before finally finding his way to the prestigious École des Beaux-Arts to study painting and design. His works present a direct response to radical political and social upheavals that took places in the 1970s. Joseph is fascinated by symbols of global mass culture, always interacting with them in his strongly worded, statement-making pieces.


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