Jonas Leriche – Summer 2017 Collection

Art director and photographer Jonas Leriche creates dramatic large-scale productions that inject the rawness of nature into his controlled studio environment.

Leriche’s oft-provocative work is marked by the stark sensuality of the bare human form, artfully complex hair and makeup, and the strategic use of lush props and other embellishments.

Eden Fine Art invites you to view Jonas Leriche’s collection at our flagship galleries in New York and London.

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Why sos serious

Why So Serious (Act 1)

Jonas Leriche - Why so serious act 2

Why So Serious (Act 2)

jonas leriche - why so serious act 3

Why So Serious (Act 3)

Jonas Leriche - Lost and forgotten act 1

Lost and Forgotten (Act 1)

Jonas Leriche - Lost and forgotten act 2

Lost and Forgotten (Act 2)

Jonas Leriche - Lost and forgotten act 3

Lost and Forgotten (Act 3)

Eden Fine Art - Jonas Lerice - Freedomnation


Eden Fine Art - Jonas Lerice - Alienation


Intergalactic Love

Intergalactic Love

Transcendence 120 x180 cm


Jonas Leriche - Scarab Queen

Scarab Queen


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