Jerualem In The Art Of Calman Shemi

Calman Shemi is a wonderful artist who experiments in different mediums, from sculptures in metal and wood, to window painting and lacquer paintings.
He also keeps a special place in his heart for Jerusalem, the City Of Gold. Here is Jerusalem in the art of Calman Shemi. All works are available for international shipping, please contact us using the form below for more details.

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“Jerusalem Landscape” (120x180cm lacquer painting)

Jerusalem landscape

“Jerusalem Perspective” (80x120x16cm shadow box)

Jerusalem perspective

“Jerusalem of Gold” (120x180cm Lacquer painting)

Jerusalem of gold

“Jerusalem Landscape” (140 x 60cm, wall sculpture, four layers in metal)

Jerusalem landscape - 4 layers in metal

“Jerusalem Through My Window”, (40x150cm, Lacquer painting)

Jerusalem through my window

“Jerusalem View” (50x150cm, lacquer painting)

Jerusalem view

A triptych of Jerusalem, located in a living room in Jerusalem

triptych in a living room

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