HOACS Debut Work Launch Party

Hoacs in Eden Fine Art

Eden Fine Art had recently launched its new, 25000 square feet space in SoHo’s 417 Broome street. For the first time in its 7 worldwide galleries, Eden Fine Art launched a free-form space aimed for street-art artists to perform their spontaneous, immediate and serendipitous art.

The first artist to feature his works in the new space is HOACS,
NY based graffiti phenomena, who’ll launch his finished work in Eden Fine Art’s dedicated space. In his work, HOACS will present his blend of enlightened pop and colorful graffiti style and.

The work’s launch event will take place on Saturday 3/12/2016, 19:00-22:00, RSVP only.

Be sure to reserve your place: rsvp@eden-gallery.com


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