Fred Allard – Precious Air

In the way of decoding the new societal codes, this SMALL BAG is part of the «Luxury Graffiti» series with a touch of «Overflow & Fusion» in a desire for reconnection. Luxury is immersed in urban culture codes that are found in windows shopping, but without leaving his native land… the street.

Artwork: Precious Air

Category: Luxury Bags

Size: 15.4 × 7.9 × 5.9 in | 39 × 20 × 15 cm 

Allard: “In my works, I like to mix different products together from luxury brands to everyday objects, like uniting two opposites, the contradiction and the mix. I do this by combining high end shopping bags and filling them in with products that can be bought from the supermarket, a perfect combination which perfectly blends together to create a unique object”


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