Fred Allard: Basket Bling

Iconic Campbell soup cans with Chanel handbags, ordinary cans of Coke with Louis Vuitton bags, vibrant lollipops with Cartier paper bags, classic M&M candies in a Dior bag – Fred Allard’s new series of bags mixes the day-to-day ordinary consumed products, together with luxurious brands.
In a spirit that wants to portray the era of our society, his work is the picture of the moment, through brands and trendy objects.

Allard: “In my works, I like to mix different products together from luxury brands to everyday objects, like uniting two opposites, the contradiction and the mix. I do this by combining high end shopping bags and filling them in with products that can be bought from the supermarket, a perfect combination which perfectly blends together to create a unique object”

Fred Allard - Happy Market
Fred Allard - Unexpected (diff angel)

Three iconic styles define his work:
The Shopping Bag, The IT Bag, and the Basket Bag
combined with some everyday products.
They come in series which each piece is unique.
He defines his work as an art in search of proximity.


Paper bags used by different brands and easily recognizable by their different
visual codes. Its customized and transformed as a regular supermarket
shopping bad. It doesn’t contain luxury articles anymore, but everyday

(Click here to view the entire Paper Bag category)


On the contrary, here he wants to magnify the shopping
basket being used in supermarkets.
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Fred pushes the paroxysm by using, for the series IT BAG, authentic high
fashion branded collector bags and transforms these by filling them up with
everyday products.

Fred Allard In Eden Fine Art NYC
Fred Allard In Eden Fine Art NYC
Fred Allard In Eden Fine Art NYC
Fred Allard In Eden Fine Art NYC

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