Eden Fine Art – May 2015

This month we bring you new works by Gastaud, Kracov and Levinstein.
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New Works by Daniel Gastaud!

Not all body parts are made equal. We all know that the eyes are ‘the window to the soul’ — that when someone’s eyes are blacked out in a photo, they become unrecognizable.

 We have four new pieces from Gastaud (Original feathers compositions), including two new pieces in his series of Eyes works. The turbulence, emotion, and sensitivity that we all share through our eyes is captured here in many of its shades.

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Daniel Gastaud - FAST-AND-FURIOUS-RED--BD-130-x-97--2-2015

Daniel Gastaud - FAST-&-FURIOUS-Orange-97x130-

Daniel Gastaud - DA-VINCI-girl-130-x-97

Daniel Gastaud - DAVID-Michelange-130-x-97

New David Kracov Guitar!

The newest addition to a series of three guitars, Electric Guitar (125x47cm) is an expression of fascination with music and creation.

Kracov believes that guitars are the ultimate blank slate, a tool for creation that can also be created upon. Music, the language that guides Kracov’s work, is what comes from the guitar and what makes it such a meaningful basis for artwork.

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 David Kracov - Electric Guitar

Two New Works By Dorit Levinstein!

We have two new pieces from Levinstein, Swing and The Wildflowers.
Both pieces are continuations of Levinstein’s past work. Swing (194x96cm) is an elaboration of another piece of the same title, giving insight to the balance and cooperation needed to maintain a healthy, functional relationship.

With the swing itself as a metaphor for the functional relationship, Levinstein displays the importance of cooperation and trust in maintaining a partnership.

 The Wildflowers (225x100cm) is an addition to Levinstein’s series of flowers. A monumental structure, the piece immortalizes the floral beauty, giving you forever freshness and light.

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Dorit Levinstien - The Swing Dorit Levinstein - Wildflowers

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