Eden Fine Art – June 2016

Stephen Hall Opening In Soho – June 21st 2016

We’re excited to host a solo exhibition by Stephen Hall at our Soho gallery!

Stephen Hall combines surrealism with modern forms to surprise by way of the familiar. His use of Pop-friendly advertising language mixed with complex, exotic imagination creates an intoxicating visual paradox.

Called one of the more exciting Pop Surrealists by Studio magazine, Hall’s exhibit is a can’t-miss adventure into another universe.

June 22, 6:30 PM. RSVP here

Stephen Hall - Crowd Control-60x40''-Acrylic-on-Canvas

Bouquets De Paradis: New Works by Yoel Benharrouche

Renowned for his unabashed use of vibrant colors, Yoel Benharrouche has made the bold choice to release a series of 20 new works based on black and white drawings.

Click on the image to visit Yoel’s new selection of works

Voyage en Noir et Blanc

Andy Warhol’s Flowers (Set of 10)

We’re very excited to announce a recent addition to our Soho gallery, Andy Warhol’s Flowers. The infamous set is based on a photograph of hibiscus flowers which was then painted over by Warhol and printed in ten different variations. It’s rare to find flowers in such high demand, and even more special to find Flowers in its complete set.

36 x 36 cm. Available for purchase and shipping worldwide.

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Warhol Flowers

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