Eden Fine Art – January 2016

January News: A new gallery, new works by Kracov and Benharrouche – THIS is how you start a year!

Visit Our New, 25,000 Square Feet Space in Soho!

Eden Fine Art Gallery NYC 470 Broome St. Corner of Greene St, Soho

We’re excited to announce the opening of a new space in NYC Soho!
The space, located in 470 Broome St. on the corner of Greene St, is a 25,000 square feet over four floors, is our biggest gallery to date.
Click here for a Google Inside 360 degree view!

A Rare, Vintage Work By Yoel Benharrouche

We’ve just received an original oil painting by Yoel!
The work, “Les Sept Points De La Vie Et l’ âme Qui Chante Au Bout Des Lettres” (41x33cm unframed) is available for international shipping.
Please contact us using the form below for details.

New Shadow Boxes by David Kracov!

New works in David Kracov’s limited edition Shadow Box series.
For prices and info, please contact us using the form below.

David Kracov - Duck a L'orange (Shadow Box 64x69)

Duck a l’orange (64x69cm)


David Kracov - Cutting Corners (51x69, Shadow Box)

Cutting Corners (51x69cm)



David Kracov - Go Duck Yourself (57x57 Shadow Box)

Go Duck Yourself (57x57cm)


David Kracov - Thinking Outside The Box -New version(Paper Cut)

Thinking Outside The Box (51x62cm)


David Kracov - At The End Of My Rope (Shadowbox)

At The End Of My Rope (50 x 50 cm)




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