Eden Fine Art – April 2016

Warhol. Basquiat. Richter. 
Three masters that we are thrilled to have in our gallery.
Please click here to browse through our new additions in the Masters Series. 
Here’s one to start with
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We’ve added new works to our constantly-growing
SoHo gallery (470 Broome St.), by Stephan Hall and Todd Gray.
You are welcome to browse through this website and see Todd‘s and Stephen‘s
pages. Please contact us for info, prices, and international shipping.
Stephen Hall - Crowd Control-60x40''-Acrylic-on-Canvas
(Stephen Hall – Crowd Control-60″ x 40”, Acrylic on Canvas)

Todd Gray - Shrek
(Todd Gray – Shrek, 35″×56″×13″
Acrylic on wood boxes)


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