"Un voyage vers le ciel"
31.5×63 in | 80 × 160 cm
Artwork Story
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"Un voyage vers le ciel": Artworks Story

Yoel: "Travelling to the sky: up there, that is in there, everything is pure and transparent. Over there is nothing which obstructs or conceals. Everything is bright and clear and, therefore, in the place of this reality there is a celebration of joy. The journey to the sky is not an ideal in itself, but during this journey we become enriched by everything that we see on the internal plane of the soul. The primary goal is to bring all those good and sublime experiences down to the physical plane of reality and transform that which is corporeal into a vast beautiful sky. It is an ascension for the purposes of bringing original goodness down below. Emerging from the eighth plane of life returns us to the seventh sphere which is the secret of This World. The journey to the heavens teaches and prepares us for a better and much more beautiful world. When the values of the heavens will appear in our physical world, humanity as a whole will be filled with happiness and beauty will shine in our streets like stars in the pure sky of a summer’s night. This is the ultimate goal to which we must lead the whole world. Art is one central conduit in this grand process."

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