"Les mondes inversés"
31.5×39.4 in | 80 × 100 cm
Also available in 30×24 cm and 100x120cm
Original lacquer on metal Artwork Story
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"Les mondes inversés": Artworks Story

Yoel: "Upside down worlds: “I saw the world upside down, the upper below, and the lower above,” (tractate Baba Batra 10b). This is an image by which to understand everything in our reality, and we must always be accurate to the extent that we can so that we may learn whether we are proceeding according to rational judgments or whether we have made a mistake which we ought to correct. Our perspective is not accurate unless we relate to the whole picture. A pinpoint perspective identifies the one detail but misses the full picture. The world must be seen from all angles. Just as art is capable of transforming the artwork so that we approach it from a new perspective and angle, so we must approach the phenomena and the appearances in our lives. This is work that requires enormous efforts, but pays off in the end and so we can say: “I have toiled and found…believe,” because that which can be seen from over there cannot be seen from here, and this is the secret of the entire building of the soul of man. Through his art, the artist must provide the opportunity to turn his artwork upside down yet prove that it is still balanced in its colors and lines."

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