"Le regard de l'autre "
31.5×39.4 in | 80 × 100 cm
Also available in 30×24 cm and 100x120cm
Original acrylic on metal. Artwork Story
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"Le regard de l'autre ": Artworks Story

Yoel: "Unity of the senses: in reality’s internal plane all our senses are united. That is, on this plane, it is possible hear with our ears that which we usually see and see with our eyes that which we usual hear. But when we descend to the lowest plane of life, all the senses are separated from one another, with each one finding its place detached from the other senses. A person who lives an inner life can, at any given moment, perceive the original unity, that is, perceive life as one unit and not just as a collection of disparate articles. The highest plane does not conform to the confines of time and space and therefore everything within it appears in its original unity, free of division. Afterwards, when the original unity descends and expands in time and space, the senses become individuated and seem different from one another other, despite the fact that they are all rooted in an all-encompassing unity."

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