"L'amour indéfinissable"
44.1×15.7 in | 112 × 40 cm
Artwork Story
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"L'amour indéfinissable": Artworks Story

Yoel: "Undefined love: one cannot give justice to this concept in words. Therefor e, it is better to paint segments of this all-encompassing idea and try to extract from it a few moments of joy and satisfaction. The figure becomes a musical instrument, who discovers the note, in tune, that belongs to the root of its soul. Love is difficult to capture in words as it defies boundaries. Yet we must try to set the necessary boundaries for its enactment because without them love could breach its good qualities and become a failed love that does not know the secret of vessels and does not respect the capacities of those who wish to contain it. The correct form of love favors both the giver and the receiver of that love and the bond between them yields abundant happiness uniting light with vessel."

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