"L'agir de l'homme dans ce monde"
47.2×15.7 in | 120 × 40 cm
Artwork Story
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"L'agir de l'homme dans ce monde": Artworks Story

The work of man in his world: a painting describing the creation of man in the world in sharp nuances of black and white which gradually give way to the many colors of reality. The message is clear: that life is more complicated than what we are accustomed think at the beginning of the journey. At the beginning, the human being finds himself in a framework that appears simple. He sees all its aspects in a clear and straightforward way, leaving no room for doubt. But the more man evolves in his world, the more he begins to perceive reality in all its variety of shapes and forms and understands that it is more complicated than what he had initially thought. Slowly he begins the fine work of searching deeper for many different shades and opinions that compliment one another. This process requires a peaceful and a more capacious attitude towards life.

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