"La rosee du coeur"
41.3×19.7 in | 105 × 50 cm
Terragraph: This unique process in the world is a technique that also makes it possible to create an effect of texture and relief, characteristic of the work of the greatest contemporary artists. And this with a most basic pigment: sand. Grains of sand, mixed with oik, will thus be directly applied to paper in the places chosen by the artist according to the effects of thickness and matter decided for each work. This durability of the varnishes and the various technical elements make "Terragraphie" a unique work that will be long lasting. It can be mounted on canvas or panels and framed without the protection of glass. "Terragraphie", through the proximity and sensuality of surfaces, also enables the real pictorial language of each artist to be found and to feel the original emotion of his creation even more. Artwork Story
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"La rosee du coeur": Artworks Story

"The matter of human being and your internal elements are dropping softly like the dew in at dawn. This is the matter of human being The matter of human being is your initial conscience point and the absolute value of your self. The 39 points are quietly waiting for the receptacle able to reveal the magnificence . The dew is coming from the soul and the essence is appearing much before the life. The dew is dampening the values of yourself that have dried, brining them back softer, fresher, youth, and beauty. This combination and the revealed element is providing to the life the essential element needed. 39 is the numerical value of dew" ** “L’élément intérieur et la ma0ère de l’être qui se déploie et se dépose silencieusement comme la rosée du ma0n. C’est la ma0ère de l’être, son point de conscience ini0ale, sa valeur absolue et son essence d’être. Ses 39 points aJendent pa0emment le réceptacle qui pourra les révéler et les magnifier. La rosée est de l’ordre de l’âme, elle est l’essence même bien avant l’appari0on de la vie. La rosée humecte les valeurs de l’être qui ont séchées, lui redonnant souplesse et fraicheur, jeunesse et beauté. Sa combinaison avec l’element révélateur procure à la vie l’élément essen0el dont elle à besoin. 39 c’est la valeur numérique de ROSÉE”

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