"La musique est belle lorsqu' elle provient de ton ciel"
11.8×9.4 in | 30×24 cm
Original lacquer on metal. Artwork Story
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"La musique est belle lorsqu' elle provient de ton ciel": Artworks Story

Yoel: "The music is beautiful: we are all musical instruments. Each one of us has a unique melody and we must make an effort to find it and discover its unique qualities. We each have a special way of looking at the world and of translating the source of reality. The general doesn’t undermine the unique hues each and every one of us possesses, and when there is a harmony between the basic idea and its expression, a beautiful symphony is created which is pleasing to the ears. Musical notes are different shades of revelation. Each person has a special song which is the foundation of his true life. Finding the note that is in tune is a great vocation and involves hard work. My lesson is concealed within all my encounters and I must become more sensitive so that I may succeed in in identifying it amongst the spectrum of colors and notes with which I am suppose to work. When I encounter the note that belongs to me, I simply expand to eternal proportions. In these moments the world seems more beautiful, safe and pleasant. In these moments love takes residence in my heart and I sing the song with untold pleasure."

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